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Announcing the Defang Public Beta

· 2 min read

Announcing the Defang Public Beta

A radically simpler way for developers to create, deploy, and manage cloud applications.

Ever since we shipped our Private Beta in the summer of 2023, we have been working with early adopters and listening to their feedback. While these early customers loved the ease with which they could create, deploy, and manage a cloud application, they had one big request - to deploy their applications to their own cloud (e.g. AWS) account. This was important to them for a number of reasons - to leverage their cloud credits, to enforce their IAM roles and security settings, to integrate new application components with their existing deployments, and more.

And so, today with our Public Beta, we are addressing this request. With today’s release of Defang BYOC (Bring-your-own-Cloud), you can now enjoy all the benefits of Defang and deploy applications to your own AWS account! Our Private Beta experience is still available as Defang Playground for you to quickly and easily prototype applications and deploy them to our hosted environment.

You can learn more about Defang here. Also check out our tutorials, samples, and FAQ to know more.

Try the Public Beta!

To try the Public Beta, please go to and click on Download to download the CLI and get started. We would love to have you kick the tires and give us your feedback! Once you sign up you’ll receive an invitation to our Slack support channel in email. You are also welcome to file Github issues here.

Stay Tuned for More

While the Public Beta is an important step forward, we have already heard requests for additional features - from support for additional cloud platforms such as Azure and GCP, to the ability to easily write cloud-agnostic applications while leveraging the best of each cloud platform. We are already working on these items and shall have more to share in the coming months - stay tuned!