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defang terms

Read and/or agree the Defang terms of service

defang terms [flags]


      --agree-tos   agree to the Defang terms of service
-h, --help help for terms

Options inherited from parent commands

  -s, --cluster string      Defang cluster to connect to (default "")
--color color-mode colorize output; "auto", "always" or "never" (default auto)
-C, --cwd string change directory before running the command
--debug debug logging for troubleshooting the CLI
--dry-run dry run (don't actually change anything)
-f, --file string compose file path
-T, --non-interactive disable interactive prompts / no TTY (default true)
-P, --provider provider cloud provider to use; use "aws" for bring-your-own-cloud (default auto)
-v, --verbose verbose logging


  • defang - Defang CLI manages services on the Defang cluster
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