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What is the Defang Opinionated Platform (DOP)?

The Defang Opinionated Platform (DOP) is a radically simpler way to build, deploy, and optimize production-ready cloud apps. The DOP is a serverless platform that lets you quickly build your application in the language of your choice and deploy it to the cloud with a single command. The DOP CLI includes an AI-driven assistant that translates natural language prompts to a starting point for your project that you can then refine. Once you publish your code, the DOP automatically builds your project and deploys it to a pre-provisioned environment in the cloud, taking care of all the heavy lifting such as configuring networking, security, observability and all the other details that usually trip up the average cloud developer.


The DOP provides a unified experience to develop, deploy, run, observe, and optimize your cloud applications. The DOP includes the following:

  • Support for various types of applications: Web services and APIs, mobile app backends, ML services, etc.
  • Support for your programming language of choice: Node.js, Python, Golang, etc.
  • Built-in AI assistant to go from natural language prompt to a skeleton project
  • Automated build directly from your source code
  • Support for pre-built Docker containers, from public or private image registries
  • Ability to express your project configuration using a Docker Compose YAML file
  • Pre-configured production environment with built-in networking, security, and observability
  • One-command deploy to your production environment
  • Support for GPUs
  • Support for Infra-as-Code via a Pulumi provider
  • Support for any cloud storage in the underlying cloud or any remote database service
  • Built-in observability through hierarchical logging