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What is Defang?

Defang is a radically simpler way for developers to build, deploy their apps to the cloud. Defang enables you to easily author cloud application in any language, build and deploy to the cloud with a single command, and iterate quickly.

  • The Defang CLI includes an AI-driven assistant that translates natural language prompts to an outline for your project that you can then refine.
  • Defang can automatically build and deploy your project with a single command.
    • If you’re new to Defang, you can try deploying to the Defang Playground, a hosted environment to learn to use Defang with non-production workloads.
    • Once you’re ready, you can deploy it to your own cloud account - we call this Defang BYOC. Defang takes care of all the heavy lifting such as configuring networking, security, observability and all the other details that usually slow down the average cloud developer.
  • You can also use Defang to easily publish updates to your deployed application with zero downtime.


Defang provides a streamlined experience to develop, deploy, observe, and update your cloud applications. Defang includes the following features: