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Defang Playground

Defang aims to make it easier to deploy your services to the cloud. Specifically, Defang's goal is to make it easier to deploy your workloads to your own cloud accounts. We refer to this as bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) which you can read about in more depth here. We also provide Defang Playground, but it is only intended for non-production workloads so you can get a feel for how Defang works.

Defang Playground is a free tier that allows you to deploy services to a Defang-hosted cloud account without needing to manage your own. It is intended for non-production workloads only.


Please note that the Defang Playground is intended for testing/learning purposes only. The environment may be reset at any time. Do not run production workloads in Defang Playground.


There are a few limitations to Defang Playground. These limitations are in place to ensure that Defang Playground is only used for non-production workloads. If you are interested in running production workloads, you should use Defang BYOC.

No Custom Domain Support

When you deploy a service to Defang Playground, it will be assigned a domain under the domain. We do not support pointing your own domains to Defang Playground services.

Max Resources

  • Services: 5
  • CPUs: 2
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Replicas: 2