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You can easily monitor and debug your Defang services at build and runtime using the Defang CLI and portal.

When you deploy a service using the defang up the CLI will automatically start tailing the build and runtime logs for your service. You can also view the logs for your service in the portal, or by using the defang tail command.


Keep in mind that the Defang Portal only displays services deployed to Defang Playground.


The defang tail command will tail the logs for all your services by default. You can also specify a service --name to tail the logs for a specific service. If you specify the --etag the CLI will only tail the logs for a specific build of a service.

defang tail --name my-service
defang tail --etag ua119053ehi2


In BYOC, output is logged to the native logging tools within your cloud provider. The CLI then tails the output as needed.