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Defang includes an AI-driven assistant that translates natural language prompts to an outline for your project that you can then refine. The AI assistant is available through the Defang CLI.


The AI assistant is currently in beta and only supports a limited set of prompts. We plan to expand the capabilities of the AI assistant in the future.

We are working on expanding the range of supported prompts and improving the accuracy of the AI assistant. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know by opening an issue.

Example Prompts‚Äč

Here are some example prompts that the AI assistant can help you with:

A basic service with 2 REST endpoints. The default endpoint will be for health check and should return a JSON object like this: { "status": "OK" }. The /echo endpoint will echo back all request parameters in the response.
A simple service that runs in the cloud and serves a web page
A simple flask app with one route that responds with a json object
A simple next.js app that serves a static page
A simple api with a single route built on express